PBP Stats
The 2015 stats are now online (Jan 18, 2016); the official site , I will update my site to match them soon...

Frame # Bike type Last Name First Name M/F Age From Total Time
1A017velo ALDERSONPaul  M46United Kingdom-GB 59:28:21
2A042velo CROWTHERGeoff  M58United Kingdom-GB DNF
3A054velo BARKMANJohn  M48United Kingdom-GB 48:51:10
4A068velo COXAndy  M36United Kingdom-GB 75:15:54
5A094velo HOPPERToby  M35United Kingdom-GB 59:52:05
6A125velo BARONOWSKIDavid  M59United Kingdom-GB 61:51:09
7A132velo GRAYRobert  M43United Kingdom-GB 59:11:44
8A134velo EVANSRichard  M53United Kingdom-GB 76:49:34
9A135velo PANICCAGordon  M53United Kingdom-GB 76:32:19
10B048Fixed 74"/70" LUCASMartin  M54United Kingdom-GB 58:56:02
11B049velo WHITEHEADPaul  M42United Kingdom-GB 71:11:14
12B050velo PHILLIPSChris  M54United Kingdom-GB 76:07:59
13B051velo WALLERHoward  M51United Kingdom-GB 50:55:10
14B068velo PARKINSONAlan  M51United Kingdom-GB 76:22:37
15B082velo SIMONPeter  M41United Kingdom-GB 70:02:06
16B100velo WARNOCKJohn  M43United Kingdom-GB 59:12:56
17B101velo ALLENNick  M56United Kingdom-GB 70:02:06
18B120velo HUMMERSTONEMark  M52United Kingdom-GB 71:58:19
19B122velo LLEWELYNIan  M49United Kingdom-GB 75:57:53
20B229velo HUDSONMark  M41United Kingdom-GB 64:18:53
21C019velo JACKSONJohn  M55United Kingdom-GB Cheshire77:23:42
22C031velo BRYCESteven  M45United Kingdom-GB 68:27:18
23C054velo RUTHVENStuart peter  M48United Kingdom-GB 62:58:55
24C072velo SPENCERJones jonathan  M52United Kingdom-GB 57:02:36
25C080Fixed 47x17 PROVENSimon  M43United Kingdom-GB Somerset76:44:03
26C081velo CLARKJason  M56United Kingdom-GB 71:25:11
27C103velo BOSSONicolas  M53United Kingdom-GB 70:17:04
28C116velo HANNAGeorge  M57United Kingdom-GB 64:03:49
29D005velo HUGHESWes  M36United Kingdom-GB 61:07:39
30D017velo QUIGLYSean  M59United Kingdom-GB 77:44:45
31D069velo CROSSLEYSamuel  M37United Kingdom-GB 68:59:57
32D070velo BAKERAndrew  M36United Kingdom-GB 67:56:12
33D071velo ROBINSONRay  M56United Kingdom-GB 58:32:41
34D077velo JACKSONNicholas  49United Kingdom-GB 62:40:00
35D078velo PILLINGERShusanah  39United Kingdom-GB DNF
36D079velo SLADDINMartyn  M53United Kingdom-GB 54:56:03
37D086velo NELSONPhil  M51United Kingdom-GB 55:01:24
38D087velo BIRNIEStuart  36United Kingdom-GB 69:19:23
39D088velo LANEDavid  45United Kingdom-GB 68:53:31
40D139velo RICHARDSPhilip  40United Kingdom-GB 73:38:02
41E022velo TOMESRobin  M50United Kingdom-GB 75:49:44
42E056velo ELLISRichard  M57United Kingdom-GB 67:11:56
43E057velo CRAWLEYRonald  M61United Kingdom-GB 66:36:09
44E073velo DEMPSTERMark  44United Kingdom-GB 71:38:26
45E074velo WADDINGTONAndrew  46United Kingdom-GB 73:20:53
46E085velo BEZANTColin  M51United Kingdom-GB 70:39:50
47E086velo HOPKINSONChris  M47United Kingdom-GB NC59:38:06
48E087velo FORBESJohn  M50United Kingdom-GB 55:54:47
49E088velo BLACKIEAnton  M31United Kingdom-GB 77:18:45
50E089velo GILESDavid  52United Kingdom-GB DNF
51E097velo NUNNStephen  52United Kingdom-GB 77:29:12
52E098velo BRADSHAWDavid  M50United Kingdom-GB 73:22:16
53E099velo JORDANKenn  51United Kingdom-GB DNF
54E126velo SCUTTAlex  31United Kingdom-GB 71:38:28
55E135velo CAINRoss  53United Kingdom-GB 78:39:41
56E139velo LORDAlastair  M53United Kingdom-GB DNF
57E140velo FENWICKMichael  M58United Kingdom-GB DNF
58F017special MARTIN-CLARKRupert  F51United Kingdom-GB TXDNF
59F018special WILKINSONNick  43United Kingdom-GB 89:03:36
60F030special SNOOKJohn  55United Kingdom-GB 77:09:24
61F031ElliptiGO MCDONOGHAlan  M57United Kingdom-GB 88:30:35
62F032special CRANEPeter  53United Kingdom-GB 87:38:28
63F045ElliptiGO MAKAYAIdai  M41United Kingdom-GB 83:37:56
64F049ElliptiGO BLOFELDStuart  M36United Kingdom-GB 87:28:13
65F050ElliptiGO NANTONCarl  M41United Kingdom-GB 89:40:32
66F051tricycle HOWARDDan  36United Kingdom-GB 81:21:46
67F061special DENNISONStuart  M54United Kingdom-GB 79:19:09
68F062Classic BUCKDrew  M66United Kingdom-GB DNF
69F069special BROADGarry  M56United Kingdom-GB 89:34:13
70F075special HINESKevin  M42United Kingdom-GB 87:29:24
71F076special FIELDPatrick  M59United Kingdom-GB 89:34:28
72F084special JACKAntony  45United Kingdom-GB 88:32:39
73F100ElliptiGO NUTTALLAndrew  M45United Kingdom-GB DNF
74F111tandem DYSONJulian  M53United Kingdom-GB 86:59:39
75F112tandem BATEMANSteven  M58United Kingdom-GB 86:59:40
76F113tandem SWALOWJudith  48United Kingdom-GB 76:44:33
77F114tandem HEDLEYAidan  M55United Kingdom-GB 87:22:33
78F115tandem SAYERJackie  57United Kingdom-GB 86:22:58
79F116tandem DAWSSimon  60United Kingdom-GB 86:22:58
80F117tandem BROWNCathy  42United Kingdom-GB 77:14:29
81F118tandem BROWNAshley  42United Kingdom-GB 87:56:35
82F119tandem GRANTAmanda  F56United Kingdom-GB 77:14:29
83F120tandem THAYERPeter  M49United Kingdom-GB 87:56:36
84F121tandem FENTONCaroline  54United Kingdom-GB 80:19:33
85F122tandem ALLISONDavid  50United Kingdom-GB 80:19:33
86F123tandem SMITHChris  M55United Kingdom-GB 84:50:11
87F124tandem CLAYTONLindsay  F46United Kingdom-GB 84:45:03
88F125tandem VANHeeswijk ronald  M55United Kingdom-GB DNF
89F126tandem HARRISDavid  49United Kingdom-GB DNF
90G027velo JOHNSONPaul  M49United Kingdom-GB 83:23:18
91G067velo ASHERChris  M43United Kingdom-GB 70:07:29
92G068velo TILLINMartin  50United Kingdom-GB 88:06:12
93G069velo STICKINGSDaryl  M34United Kingdom-GB 65:49:39
94G071velo THOMASRobyn  33United Kingdom-GB 81:02:18
95G136velo CORTISRoger  M73United Kingdom-GB DNF
96G137velo LANEMichael  61United Kingdom-GB 88:07:28
97G173velo ALDISMartyn  64United Kingdom-GB 88:08:38
98G174velo MERRISONKevin  M48United Kingdom-GB 87:23:11
99G175velo CALLADINENigel  48United Kingdom-GB 74:30:17
100G176velo BROWNDuncan  M49United Kingdom-GB 88:33:46
101G198velo SEPHTONGordon  43United Kingdom-GB 76:59:32
102G199velo WILTONJohn  M55United Kingdom-GB 76:14:27
103G200velo RUFFHEADPeter  M52United Kingdom-GB 78:22:10
104G201velo BAUCHOPLes  M69United Kingdom-GB OTL
105G217velo WIMPENNYMartin  46United Kingdom-GB 70:45:33
106G227velo NETTLETONPhilip  M42United Kingdom-GB 86:32:17
107G228velo WILKIEJohn  57United Kingdom-GB 77:44:52
108G229velo COCKBAINMark  43United Kingdom-GB 89:12:24
109G230velo BUTCHERStephen  49United Kingdom-GB 88:42:25
110G232velo CRIPPSPhilip  51United Kingdom-GB 88:33:56
111G233velo WHITTONNeville  59United Kingdom-GB 88:33:28
112G234velo FORRESTChris  54United Kingdom-GB 82:39:16
113G235velo OLEJNICZAKLukasz  39United Kingdom-GB 88:27:28
114G236velo GOODMANSteve  49United Kingdom-GB 71:23:39
115G237velo STAINSBYJonathan  47United Kingdom-GB 88:42:21
116G241velo ROSEWARNEStephen  62United Kingdom-GB 88:52:25
117G338velo HUNGHing  35United Kingdom-GB 89:28:56
118H013velo TILLSimon  43United Kingdom-GB 77:52:29
119H049velo WEBBJason  46United Kingdom-GB 80:47:55
120H050velo ANDERSONIan  M44United Kingdom-GB Scotland83:33:21
121H051Velo BRNagel ludwig
 M54United Kingdom-GB London85:22:33
122H100velo CLARKSONAndrew  M61United Kingdom-GB 89:03:44
123H101velo ATKINSBrian  49United Kingdom-GB 78:06:55
124H115velo TWEDDELLWilliam  56United Kingdom-GB 83:19:35
125H135velo MASTENKOPeter  M58United Kingdom-GB DNF
126H136velo DAVIESIvor  46United Kingdom-GB 73:25:40
127H164velo LINEYIsaac  29United Kingdom-GB 76:18:07
128H182velo WOODMORETrevor  60United Kingdom-GB DNF
129H183velo GOOCHSimon  47United Kingdom-GB DNF
130H184velo JIWASheni  50United Kingdom-GB 88:49:18
131H204velo FOLEYMartin  49United Kingdom-GB 87:12:19
132H218velo SMITHClifford  53United Kingdom-GB 85:30:33
133H219velo LEEJohn  M49United Kingdom-GB Bristol79:56:21
134H220velo FOXCROFTDavid  51United Kingdom-GB 88:11:13
135H221velo MORGANGeoff  68United Kingdom-GB DNF
136H222velo REYNOLDSJames  M52United Kingdom-GB 75:11:19
137H230velo FAHEYStuart  45United Kingdom-GB 72:53:31
138H231velo FARRUGIAThomas  24United Kingdom-GB 88:38:03
139H234velo BROWNBernard  56United Kingdom-GB 75:53:22
140H253velo CORLESSAndy  M39United Kingdom-GB 82:39:05
141H259velo PEACOCKDamon  M56United Kingdom-GB DNF
142H280velo HERBERTAndrew  42United Kingdom-GB 89:13:01
143H343velo BAKERAndrew  M58United Kingdom-GB 88:36:56
144J0248 speed, 700C, Tubeless WHITEHURSTPhil  M49United Kingdom-GB 87:15:07
145J025velo HUGGINSGrant  M47United Kingdom-GB Essex88:55:53
146J026velo JOHNSONRobert  51United Kingdom-GB 86:03:47
147J066velo HODGSONPhil  59United Kingdom-GB 88:14:39
148J067velo DAVISAnthony  M56United Kingdom-GB 86:48:18
149J068velo WOODRobert  54United Kingdom-GB 86:16:02
150J069velo BAIRDRob  45United Kingdom-GB 88:22:33
151J071velo DEAKINSThomas  M57United Kingdom-GB 87:13:18
152J072Fixed 48x17 SMITHRichard  M43United Kingdom-GB 74:15:56
153J073velo PINDARRussell  M48United Kingdom-GB DNF
154J074velo KIRKLANDMelville  M66United Kingdom-GB 86:45:51
155J075velo RADFORDMartin  45United Kingdom-GB 75:23:32
156J076velo BROOKSRob  51United Kingdom-GB DNF
157J116velo MACGREGORDuncan  39United Kingdom-GB 72:29:57
158J134velo LEONARDRichard  57United Kingdom-GB 88:14:43
159J135velo TREDGETPete  M50United Kingdom-GB 88:22:26
160J136velo STEPHENSTrevor  M51United Kingdom-GB 79:39:50
161J158velo IRELANDRichard  52United Kingdom-GB 86:53:42
162J160velo LATHAMPaul  54United Kingdom-GB 76:30:50
163J161velo WATKINSLaurence  60United Kingdom-GB 89:06:35
164J206velo WALLRob  43United Kingdom-GB 88:35:26
165J207velo HANWELLRobert  M33United Kingdom-GB 87:39:14
166J225velo MULLOYPeter  62United Kingdom-GB DNF
167J226velo RICHARDSDeiniol  48United Kingdom-GB 89:02:54
168J246velo ILCHENKODmitry  39United Kingdom-GB 87:28:43
169J248velo DECKERTim  55United Kingdom-GB 87:21:27
170J249velo PROVANGraeme  M46United Kingdom-GB 88:54:58
171J250velo MACKAYHugh  62United Kingdom-GB 88:34:04
172J251velo DONOHOEVince  50United Kingdom-GB DNF
173J252velo TAYLORBrian  M65United Kingdom-GB OTL
174J253velo PINKERTONMichael  49United Kingdom-GB 88:34:02
175J254velo VICKERYClive  52United Kingdom-GB DNF
176J255velo SINChappman  25United Kingdom-GB 87:58:25
177J256velo WIKELEYAdrian  54United Kingdom-GB 89:23:23
178J264velo SOLLESSETim  M55United Kingdom-GB 77:41:57
179J265velo LAWSDaryol  M51United Kingdom-GB DNF
180J267velo HOTCHKINHarry  69United Kingdom-GB 78:07:23
181J268velo SHAWNicky  25United Kingdom-GB 89:24:21
182J269velo SKILLENJames  35United Kingdom-GB 86:45:50
183J270velo CRAMPTONDavid  M43United Kingdom-GB Fife86:15:52
184J274velo SHORTTracy  48United Kingdom-GB 85:57:42
185J275velo STEWARDGraham  48United Kingdom-GB 77:39:54
186J276velo MCIVORRob  M54United Kingdom-GB 89:38:53
187J277velo PORADARichard  M50United Kingdom-GB 71:02:28
188J278velo PORTERAndrew  43United Kingdom-GB 88:50:51
189J290velo AALJona  37United Kingdom-GB 72:41:06
190J332velo HENNESSEYChristopher  32United Kingdom-GB 81:08:27
191J339velo SABINEJohn
 F41United Kingdom-GB OMHaoSjuHXOOTL
192K012velo THEELKEPeter  54United Kingdom-GB DNF
193K013velo FIRTHNicholas  57United Kingdom-GB 85:49:52
194K014velo PROCTORStuart  46United Kingdom-GB 86:52:52
195K015velo MORRISLiam  46United Kingdom-GB 86:38:38
196K016velo HENNNeil  47United Kingdom-GB 86:07:52
197K077velo JOYSmith luke  42United Kingdom-GB 88:07:37
198K078velo MCLEANStuart  45United Kingdom-GB 87:26:10
199K127velo WALKERRichard  M48United Kingdom-GB 88:55:40
200K128velo REVELLPaul  54United Kingdom-GB 85:59:37
201K129velo STALEYDaniel  45United Kingdom-GB 81:08:25
202K130velo MILLERDavid  M44United Kingdom-GB DNF
203K131velo LAWSNigel  60United Kingdom-GB 86:47:10
204K179velo METCALFEMichael  54United Kingdom-GB 81:45:55
205K180velo GRAYMark  M45United Kingdom-GB 63:02:46
206K181velo BAKERTony  63United Kingdom-GB 86:59:05
207K204velo WATTSBob  M58United Kingdom-GB 89:33:50
208K214velo POULTONStephen  M68United Kingdom-GB 89:22:38
209K215velo HOLDERBenjamin  44United Kingdom-GB 88:07:31
210K216velo CLARKERoy  M67United Kingdom-GB OTL
211K217velo LOVELOCKIan  54United Kingdom-GB 88:18:54
212K218velo REEDJonathan  48United Kingdom-GB DNF
213K219Fixed 48x16 - 79" BULLYMENTRobert  M42United Kingdom-GB 71:56:09
214K277velo KAYElaine  F62United Kingdom-GB 88:18:54
215K339velo BRISCOGeorge  M46United Kingdom-GB 88:49:03
216K340velo ZURAWSKILui  50United Kingdom-GB 88:59:19
217K341velo JOHNSONDavid  55United Kingdom-GB DNF
218L004velo VEITCHNeil  M51United Kingdom-GB 87:52:33
219L020velo LEWISPeter  M56United Kingdom-GB 88:46:19
220L021velo PARKERRichard  53United Kingdom-GB 68:27:07
221L080velo DANCYMalcolm  51United Kingdom-GB 88:50:38
222L081velo RYALLIan  M49United Kingdom-GB DNF
223L082velo CHURCHILLKate  56United Kingdom-GB 79:31:49
224L083velo RIGLARStephen  51United Kingdom-GB 86:39:53
225L084velo GOUCHERRichard  50United Kingdom-GB 87:40:27
226L085velo TOFTSRichard  52United Kingdom-GB 87:52:28
227L086velo LEWISMaggie  53United Kingdom-GB DNF
228L087velo MARSHALLAndrew  M55United Kingdom-GB 83:43:58
229L129velo WOODIain  49United Kingdom-GB 87:43:37
230L152velo WADSWORTHPatrick  M53United Kingdom-GB 86:38:11
231L153velo RICHARDSONGraeme  48United Kingdom-GB DNF
232L175velo HOWELLKevin  57United Kingdom-GB 85:35:17
233L176velo ILESOliver  45United Kingdom-GB 72:42:53
234L193velo RAINBOWPaul  M42United Kingdom-GB 87:52:28
235L194velo BANKSJon  53United Kingdom-GB 87:52:39
236L195velo GILLBEJohn  M61United Kingdom-GB 85:58:53
237L196velo PINFIELDRonald  50United Kingdom-GB 80:25:57
238L203velo BROWNINGDavid  57United Kingdom-GB 85:07:16
239M002velo DOyle edward  56United Kingdom-GB 81:53:29
240M014Fixed (44x16 = 72") STAINTONEllis jonathan  M56United Kingdom-GB 76:28:58
241M031velo CHAUHANAmit  31United Kingdom-GB 88:45:39
242M032velo GILLRobert  55United Kingdom-GB DNF
243M034velo MORRISONDavid  56United Kingdom-GB 82:08:13
244M035velo MITCHELLJohn  32United Kingdom-GB 88:45:37
245M036velo USHERWOODThomas  M46United Kingdom-GB 83:25:12
246M038velo OGDENStephen  55United Kingdom-GB 88:11:20
247M127velo RODGERSTom  41United Kingdom-GB 88:52:06
248M129velo SCOTTPhilip  44United Kingdom-GB 65:26:45
249M130velo GILLIVERBrian  M46United Kingdom-GB 80:30:34
250M131velo LONGMANRoger  48United Kingdom-GB 88:19:36
251M150velo BOOTHJonathan  48United Kingdom-GB DNF
252M151velo BOULTONChris  M71United Kingdom-GB 88:25:15
253M152velo GILLIVERPaul  M55United Kingdom-GB 76:55:10
254M153velo OLeary philip  55United Kingdom-GB DNF
255M154velo DAYMatthew  M49United Kingdom-GB 88:30:48
256M168velo WESTLAKESimon  49United Kingdom-GB 88:45:04
257M169velo ASHMANRoy  58United Kingdom-GB 88:04:29
258M170velo DENNETTKevin  40United Kingdom-GB 76:28:57
259M171velo SPRUCEMark  M46United Kingdom-GB 83:24:59
260M172velo GOREJeremy  54United Kingdom-GB DNF
261M173velo BLAKEMOREJim  41United Kingdom-GB 87:52:21
262M184velo CHATBURNMark  44United Kingdom-GB 79:52:30
263M186velo BRADBURYJames  M36United Kingdom-GB DNF
264M188velo BROWNJulian  M50United Kingdom-GB 79:11:35
265M191velo BURKEJeremy  47United Kingdom-GB DNF
266M201velo CHATTERLEYDaniel  28United Kingdom-GB 67:05:18
267M247velo LEATHERGraham  52United Kingdom-GB 87:16:31
268M248velo BARKERNicholas  47United Kingdom-GB 88:10:48
269N006velo PRESTONAndrew  53United Kingdom-GB 85:46:38
270N007velo YATESKieron  M49United Kingdom-GB 82:08:10
271N008velo SAWYERDavid  60United Kingdom-GB 84:39:21
272N009velo BROWNEMichael  51United Kingdom-GB 77:04:30
273N030Fixed 71 inches JACKSONBaker marcus  M42United Kingdom-GB Twickenham87:18:28
274N031velo PRIDDYRichard  M29United Kingdom-GB 87:10:15
275N032velo PALMERSimon  M42United Kingdom-GB 88:18:03
276N033velo TAYLORBruce  M47United Kingdom-GB 89:25:17
277N035velo THOMASWilliam  45United Kingdom-GB 79:16:22
278N036velo MAYKenton  M50United Kingdom-GB 88:42:01
279N037velo HAMPSONLeonard  59United Kingdom-GB OTL
280N089velo FARRINGTONMike  M62United Kingdom-GB 88:26:23
281N090velo - Omega Axis Titanium MAGNUSPhilip  M56United Kingdom-GB London86:53:54
282N091velo JENNINGSRichard  M58United Kingdom-GB 76:50:59
283N092velo MCKENZIECalvin  56United Kingdom-GB OTL
284N093velo PALMERAndrew  48United Kingdom-GB 72:54:27
285N128velo HOWIEJoe  M30United Kingdom-GB 88:14:46
286N129velo JACKSONThomas  M59United Kingdom-GB 79:03:16
287N130velo MCGEEVirginia  52United Kingdom-GB 76:16:38
288N150velo TURNBULLPeter  M44United Kingdom-GB 84:22:35
289N151velo BARTLETTDave  M57United Kingdom-GB 83:32:27
290N152velo ROSBOTTOMJohn  68United Kingdom-GB 87:55:23
291N153velo COSFORDPaul  52United Kingdom-GB 89:13:50
292N154velo BATCHChristopher  58United Kingdom-GB 74:14:38
293N155velo ALDERTONPaul  M52United Kingdom-GB 87:44:56
294N156velo COXIain  M49United Kingdom-GB 87:21:09
295N164velo STRAUGHANJohn  M57United Kingdom-GB 88:26:49
296N165velo SERCOMBEBarry  M50United Kingdom-GB 81:24:45
297N190velo STRAUGHANIan  M38United Kingdom-GB 87:47:03
298N191velo NOHADenise  F46United Kingdom-GB DNF
299N192velo REICHERTGavin  34United Kingdom-GB 69:09:09
300N195velo COLEJulian  M50United Kingdom-GB 87:41:58
301N196velo KAHNDavid  M62United Kingdom-GB 78:54:23
302N197velo WILSONJon  M46United Kingdom-GB OTL
303N198velo GREENWAYJonathan  58United Kingdom-GB 88:17:45
304N222velo CASTLETim  43United Kingdom-GB 66:58:33
305N226velo CRANEJack  38United Kingdom-GB 87:14:02
306N231velo CROOMEJonathan  M49United Kingdom-GB 77:04:59
307N258velo WALKERAngela  F45United Kingdom-GB 88:09:35
308N259velo HOMERSKIAndrew  53United Kingdom-GB 88:09:37
309N260velo LEARMONTHAnne  F49United Kingdom-GB 85:56:09
310N300velo PATERSONStewart  M52United Kingdom-GB 84:17:46
311P008velo WADDELLScott  45United Kingdom-GB 89:04:40
312P104velo SALISBURYRichard  49United Kingdom-GB 86:15:24
313P106velo GOSNEYPaul  46United Kingdom-GB 77:33:40
314P133velo POMEROYWill  37United Kingdom-GB 87:07:19
315P149velo CHAPPELLJocelyn  55United Kingdom-GB 87:03:47
316P150velo TORRIAlain  42United Kingdom-GB 89:04:37
317P151velo SMITHSteven  37United Kingdom-GB 89:04:42
318P164velo JAMESTelbert  40United Kingdom-GB 87:08:11
319P182velo COOKAlex  34United Kingdom-GB 89:00:13
320P183velo CHEUNGRaymond  43United Kingdom-GB 88:06:44
321P188velo SMARTBrian  54United Kingdom-GB 86:30:16
322P235velo WITTColin  64United Kingdom-GB DNF
323R023velo WALKERRob  50United Kingdom-GB 84:51:42
324R032velo MCCREADYRobert  M53United Kingdom-GB 70:59:59
325R033velo DEANERAndrew  M51United Kingdom-GB 86:48:42
326R034velo WILLIAMSJack  M57United Kingdom-GB 88:37:09
327R035velo MARSTONGlyn  52United Kingdom-GB DNF
328R058velo MCDade neil  59United Kingdom-GB 87:28:18
329R059velo PRICERobin  24United Kingdom-GB 79:21:02
330R072velo WIGLEYMike  59United Kingdom-GB DNF
331R094velo SIMPSONAlexander  28United Kingdom-GB 86:53:52
332R096velo THOMASAlexander  32United Kingdom-GB 83:28:04
333R110velo MCCROSSINPaul  M45United Kingdom-GB 88:31:06
334R111velo BRICEXavier  40United Kingdom-GB 84:36:15
335R112velo MORRISGraham  M55United Kingdom-GB 87:41:08
336R125velo BIALEKRobert  M59United Kingdom-GB 77:15:05
337R126velo FASSNIDGEMatthew  36United Kingdom-GB 88:31:10
338R127velo BRIDGELANDMichael  M51United Kingdom-GB 74:36:35
339R128velo HARGREAVESLee  M53United Kingdom-GB DNF
340R140velo HEWITTAlex  44United Kingdom-GB 78:43:24
341R141velo KELLYRaymond  M70United Kingdom-GB 89:23:18
342R142velo GOSTELOWDavid  57United Kingdom-GB 74:57:37
343R143velo MCLARENLuke  32United Kingdom-GB 83:28:08
344R150velo FITZPATRICKAlistair
 F61United Kingdom-GB xKztZmooRxWGBVmtbusOTL
345R151velo BOYDPhilip  45United Kingdom-GB DNF
346R188velo ROBERTSMarcia  49United Kingdom-GB DNF
347R189velo SHEEHANKeith  41United Kingdom-GB 77:20:41
348R202velo PEACEBarry  65United Kingdom-GB 87:47:02
349R208velo DELFChris  M55United Kingdom-GB 81:15:07
350R209velo ELLIOTTThomas  24United Kingdom-GB 79:21:03
351R227velo WALKERRiccardo  M59United Kingdom-GB 88:39:53
352R333velo DAYPeter  53United Kingdom-GB 86:53:58
353S028velo HOLLIDAYZoe  31United Kingdom-GB 79:25:19
354S040velo PEMBERTony  M67United Kingdom-GB 87:23:59
355S059velo BENNETTAndy  40United Kingdom-GB 79:06:18
356S081velo PHILIPPOUAndrew  27United Kingdom-GB 87:45:21
357S110velo HAYPhilip  46United Kingdom-GB 88:22:03
358S111velo EVANSMike  50United Kingdom-GB DNF
359S112velo DOREGraham  57United Kingdom-GB 74:21:55
360S113velo ELMYMark  49United Kingdom-GB 89:35:10
361S141velo SUNGLesley  48United Kingdom-GB DNF
362S142velo GRASSBYAdam  36United Kingdom-GB 86:36:33
363S156velo ROBERSONJames  M64United Kingdom-GB 87:23:55
364S157velo MORRISAndrew  M42United Kingdom-GB 89:05:23
365S178velo EWINGEdmond john  M68United Kingdom-GB OTL
366S181velo BRICEMartin  61United Kingdom-GB DNF
367S189velo RADCLIFFEChris  50United Kingdom-GB 86:47:50
368S190velo COMISKEYGlenn  51United Kingdom-GB 88:25:52
369S193velo BLACKMOREChristopher  39United Kingdom-GB 88:25:52
370S335velo CROSSJohn  50United Kingdom-GB DNF
371T041velo HARBERBob  70United Kingdom-GB DNF
372T080velo MCCULLOCHGraeme  M53United Kingdom-GB 85:05:31
373T139velo WALTONPeter  60United Kingdom-GB 88:07:57
374T140velo WYLLIEGraeme  M50United Kingdom-GB 88:06:42
375T164velo JAMESMark  51United Kingdom-GB OTL
376T165velo ROBINSONSimon  50United Kingdom-GB 89:09:52
377T166velo ABRAHAMSteven  M40United Kingdom-GB 87:33:39
378T181velo REIDIan  M59United Kingdom-GB 79:11:50
379T182velo SIMMONSGavin  53United Kingdom-GB 73:47:22
380T183velo SPOONERJohn  M58United Kingdom-GB DNF
381T184velo MACIVERKenneth  M40United Kingdom-GB 84:52:06
382T185velo GREENTony  M68United Kingdom-GB DNF
383T186velo THOMSONAdrian  48United Kingdom-GB 84:51:59
384T187velo TREVETTDominic  M36United Kingdom-GB 73:47:25
385T196velo CAKEBREADPaul  50United Kingdom-GB 87:32:43
386T197velo WHEELERMartin  57United Kingdom-GB 88:07:56
387T202velo HOULISTONMark  M52United Kingdom-GB 84:52:07
388T213velo DALEGavin  43United Kingdom-GB 73:38:10
389T215velo BENTONKeith  M74United Kingdom-GB OTL
390T221velo DALITZRod  M67United Kingdom-GB DNF
391T222velo ELLIOTTBenedict  40United Kingdom-GB 76:22:53
392T223velo WILLSAndrew  M57United Kingdom-GB 88:06:25
393T224velo WALSINGHAMPablo  42United Kingdom-GB 72:49:56
394T232velo LEVYGary  54United Kingdom-GB OTL
395T329velo DIXONRitchie  48United Kingdom-GB 80:00:09
396T330velo WYATTJames  33United Kingdom-GB 70:43:15
397W006tricycle HOPPERJim  M73United Kingdom-GB DNF
398W011V20 TAYLORLee  M33United Kingdom-GB 79:36:55
399W016tandem BROOKINGMark  M55United Kingdom-GB 83:19:52
400X045velo MURDIERuth  46United Kingdom-GB 79:12:00
401X068velo MARTINStephen  54United Kingdom-GB 80:32:12
402X123velo TATTERSALLMichael  M55United Kingdom-GB 74:16:06
403X151velo CREWJames  49United Kingdom-GB 77:06:27
404X152velo PROUDFrank  M48United Kingdom-GB 76:42:51
405X153velo ROGERSSteve  M54United Kingdom-GB 83:40:34
406X162velo ROWEJohn  M46United Kingdom-GB 74:48:36
407X163velo HUFTONStuart  M51United Kingdom-GB 83:40:31
408X164velo FARICYJack  39United Kingdom-GB 81:35:26
409X165velo SPENCENick  M56United Kingdom-GB 79:36:03
410X176Fixed 71.4 inches YOUNGAdam  M33United Kingdom-GB 79:34:12
411Y018velo SPENCEDavid michael  49United Kingdom-GB DNF
412Y031velo ROBERTSPaul  M53United Kingdom-GB 61:09:23
413Y032fixed 67 HENNESSEYIan  M62United Kingdom-GB 80:02:09
414Y033velo WONGFupuy carlos  M47United Kingdom-GB Oundle83:30:45
415Y048velo SAMMONSKevin  63United Kingdom-GB 79:46:00
416Y080velo READRobert  39United Kingdom-GB 81:19:47
417Y081velo CURRANAndy  M55United Kingdom-GB 82:42:20
418Y082velo HEANEYSteve  M55United Kingdom-GB 83:17:25
419Y101velo DOSSETTMartin  43United Kingdom-GB 79:44:33
420Y102velo KINGJulian  46United Kingdom-GB 79:44:28
421Y116velo ROUGHDan  39United Kingdom-GB 70:12:12
422Y117velo TOONENoel  M54United Kingdom-GB DNF
423Y118velo PEEKEAlex  43United Kingdom-GB 79:44:28
424Y119velo BURNELLChris  34United Kingdom-GB 72:57:08
425Y126velo EIDEMMark  51United Kingdom-GB 73:05:52
426Y127Fixed 51x17 - 79" HAYMANDan  M31United Kingdom-GB Cambridge62:58:38
427Y128velo COOKRoy  M64United Kingdom-GB 70:07:51
428Y129velo GRAHAMStephen  47United Kingdom-GB 78:50:10
429Y146velo THOMPSONMichael  M51United Kingdom-GB 68:48:52
430Y147velo LAIAdrian  33United Kingdom-GB DNF
431Y148velo RAYNESDouglas  45United Kingdom-GB 70:35:17
432Y151velo SPENCERDylan  42United Kingdom-GB 81:13:15
433Y173velo GLAZENigel  49United Kingdom-GB 81:35:28
434Y188velo MCSHARRYPeta  48United Kingdom-GB 78:53:07
435Y262velo AGNEWStephen  54United Kingdom-GB OTL
436Z002velo EDENJohn paul  47United Kingdom-GB DNF
437Z006velo SELBYSmith christopher  31United Kingdom-GB 75:23:54
438Z026velo CORNELLIvan  45United Kingdom-GB 82:11:28
439Z051velo RALPHSSteve  M51United Kingdom-GB 61:29:06
440Z056velo TOWNLEYSean  44United Kingdom-GB 79:04:02
441Z057velo CROXFORDMartin  49United Kingdom-GB 78:21:51
442Z058Fixed 87.4" JONESJustin  M45United Kingdom-GB 81:43:26
443Z082velo PICKERSGILLTim  M36United Kingdom-GB Oxfordshire64:29:39
444Z083velo ATKINSONDavid  M43United Kingdom-GB 67:16:07
445Z092velo SHARPEAdam  40United Kingdom-GB 81:43:25
446Z101velo JOHNSONBen  51United Kingdom-GB 76:55:49
447Z106Fixed KINSEYAdam  M28United Kingdom-GB 82:11:22
448Z107velo BUCKAshley  M34United Kingdom-GB 64:35:26
449Z108velo HILLIan  M50United Kingdom-GB DNF
450Z199velo CLEMENTSONDean  M36United Kingdom-GB County Durham67:16:08
451Z200velo WINTERNigel  M56United Kingdom-GB 81:24:48
 Gender BreakdownStartedFinishedOTLDNF/AbandonSuccess Ratio
 Unknown (not setup)243204 53484.0%
 Female/Woman95 2255.6%
 Male/Man199172 62186.4%
 Age BreakdownStartedFinishedOTLDNF/AbandonSuccess Ratio
 20 - 2433 00100.0%
 25 - 2988 00100.0%
 30 - 342221 0195.5%
 35 - 393028 0293.3%
 40 - 445957 1196.6%
 45 - 499882 11583.7%
 50 - 5410787 31781.3%
 55 - 597967 21084.8%
 60 - 642520 1480.0%
 65 - 69146 4442.9%
 70 - 7462 1333.3%

For the 2011 stats (some of the data is no longer onine), click here.