PBP Stats
The 2015 stats are now online (Jan 18, 2016); the official site , I will update my site to match them soon...

Frame # Bike type Last Name First Name M/F Age From Total Time
1F003tandem MINTERDave  M48Australia 87:37:55
2F005tandem GAFFNEYCecilie  F34USA PA79:38:45
3F006tandem GAFFNEYPatrick  M40USA PA79:38:44
4F008tandem RASCHDORFKathleen  F46USA NJ89:37:35
5F009tandem LEVITTJONATHAN  M53USA NJ89:37:35
6F090tandem CHERRYLori  F57USA CADNF
7F091tandem ROBERTSONCraig  M57USA CADNF
8F102tandem CARDOSODarley  40Brazil DNF
9F103tandem RIBEIROJulia heide  30Brazil DNF
10F104tandem IGNACIOMalou  41Canada 71:50:37
11F105tandem OSWALDJohn  40Canada 71:50:39
12F106tandem SAURENDesiree  40Germany 86:17:08
13F107tandem IBRONAlexander  44Germany 86:17:07
14F111tandem DYSONJulian  M53United Kingdom-GB 86:59:39
15F112tandem BATEMANSteven  M58United Kingdom-GB 86:59:40
16F113tandem SWALOWJudith  48United Kingdom-GB 76:44:33
17F114tandem HEDLEYAidan  M55United Kingdom-GB 87:22:33
18F115tandem SAYERJackie  57United Kingdom-GB 86:22:58
19F116tandem DAWSSimon  60United Kingdom-GB 86:22:58
20F117tandem BROWNCathy  42United Kingdom-GB 77:14:29
21F118tandem BROWNAshley  42United Kingdom-GB 87:56:35
22F119tandem GRANTAmanda  F56United Kingdom-GB 77:14:29
23F120tandem THAYERPeter  M49United Kingdom-GB 87:56:36
24F121tandem FENTONCaroline  54United Kingdom-GB 80:19:33
25F122tandem ALLISONDavid  50United Kingdom-GB 80:19:33
26F123tandem SMITHChris  M55United Kingdom-GB 84:50:11
27F124tandem CLAYTONLindsay  F46United Kingdom-GB 84:45:03
28F125tandem VANHeeswijk ronald  M55United Kingdom-GB DNF
29F126tandem HARRISDavid  49United Kingdom-GB DNF
30F127tandem SOARDIMarco  M46Italy 88:10:50
31F128tandem CASTREZZATIArmida  52Italy 88:10:50
32F129tandem GOTOToshio  M53Japan 89:07:50
33F130tandem GOTOMakiyo  F49Japan 89:07:50
34F131tandem KAMANOAtsushi  M41Japan DNF
35F132tandem KAMANONoriko  28Japan DNF
36F133tandem TILLANDERTage  M61Sweden DNF
37F134tandem ELGLUNDTillander barbro  59Sweden DNF
38F135tandem BRINNLuanne  F62USA FL87:19:00
39F136tandem GRABIAKLarry  M67USA FL87:19:00
40F137tandem DIXONJonathan  M38USA CA76:32:22
41F138tandem DIXONEmma  F38USA CA76:32:22
42F139tandem MYERSBrent  M59USA CO86:15:39
43F140tandem LONGBeth  F61USA CO86:15:38
44F141tandem MULLETKathy  F57USA OR87:57:36
45F142tandem MULLETRonald  M64USA OR87:57:36
46F144tandem KINGSBURYPaul  M54USA NY86:59:22
47F145tandem JURCZYNSKIJohn  M58USA MA51:48:42
48F146tandem RASMUSSENAnn  F51USA MA51:48:41
49F190tandem BRUSSONFabien  46France 83:27:51
50F191tandem BERAUDChristian  M54France 83:27:51
51F192tandem BRIOTJean paul  54France DNF
52F193tandem BRIOTAgnes  55France DNF
53F194tandem LAMOULLERDominique  M64France 88:43:20
54F195tandem LAMOULLERChristian  M63France 88:43:21
55F196tandem ABGRALLJacques  48France 82:01:24
56F197tandem LECam loic  45France 82:01:22
57F199tandem VIBRACPhilippe  M57France 87:52:35
58F200tandem GUIBERTEric  44France DNF
59F201tandem  66France DNF
60F202tandem BOICHUTDidier  M51France DNF
61F203tandem NEVEUPaulette  53France DNF
62F204tandem BODINRemond sylvie  48France DNF
63F205tandem REMONDDidier  57France DNF
64F206tandem BODINGilles  M51France 80:39:46
65F207tandem BODINDelorme marie laure  58France 80:39:46
66F209tandem BLAESIUSMasse c cile  49France 88:14:35
67F210tandem JUBINLaurent  M55France 68:16:44
68F212tandem CASTETHerv  50France 81:04:22
69F213tandem POMAAlain  M54France 81:04:21
70F214tandem CHASTINMael  19France DNF
71F215tandem CHASTINPascal  M50France DNF
72F216tandem MADELAINEEric  53France 88:25:19
73F217tandem GERNYYannick  49France 88:25:19
74F218tandem ROCHEDidier  51France 89:42:33
75F219tandem ROCHEPatricia  51France DNF
76F220tandem LETexier eric  45France 85:06:32
77F221tandem POUYLEAUThierry  45France 85:08:03
78W016tandem BROOKINGMark  M55United Kingdom-GB 83:19:52
79W017tandem PHELPSWayne  M64USA SC80:59:38
80W018tandem ASHBYMelanie  F61USA SC80:59:38
81W022tandem BOUANCHEAUGilles  M55France 79:45:37
82W023tandem COTTEJean christophe  49France 79:45:37
83W024tandem  67France DNF
84W025tandem CHAMBILYChristian  M62France 81:04:26
85W028tandem KERHERVEJean pierre  65France 83:04:41
86W031tandem  DNF
87W032tandem  DNF
 Gender BreakdownStartedFinishedOTLDNF/AbandonSuccess Ratio
 Unknown (not setup)4225 01759.5%
 Female/Woman1211 0191.7%
 Male/Man3327 0681.8%
 Age BreakdownStartedFinishedOTLDNF/AbandonSuccess Ratio
 15 - 1910 010.0%
 25 - 2910 010.0%
 30 - 3421 0150.0%
 35 - 3922 00100.0%
 40 - 44107 0370.0%
 45 - 491715 0288.2%
 50 - 541914 0573.7%
 55 - 591913 0668.4%
 60 - 64109 0190.0%
 65 - 6942 0250.0%

For the 2011 stats (some of the data is no longer onine), click here.